Texas Bass Trail

Fishing Tournament Series

Texas Bass Trail Minor League Fishing

Texas Bass Trail is excited to announce a new Minor League Fishing Series to begin in 2017!

Contact Information:

Matt Hudson 

Tournament Director


Key Points:

  • 5 Events:  Location of Lake will not be disclosed until 1 day prior to the event.  Each angler will be notified via phone call directly by the tournament director and the location will be posted on the web by Noon the Saturday before the event.
          -May 7, 2017 
          -May 21, 2017
          -June 4, 2017 
          -June 18, 2017
          -July 9, 2017 (Championship Event)

  • Teams of 2 Anglers (Boat Owners: Pro-Angler and Non-Boat Owners: Co-Angler)
          -Each Pro-Angler (Boat Owner) will randomly draw a name for a Co-Angler on the morning of the event.
  • One-Time $35 Membership Fee and $300 Entry Fee per person, per season.  This will allow you to participate in up to all 5 events, if you to qualify.   If you fish the regular trail events your membership will be waved
  • Enrollment is on a First-Come First-Serve Basis ONLY.  We will enroll 50 Pro-Anglers and 50 Co-Anglers ONLY for the first season. Contact Matt Hudson at (512) 350-8293 directly. 
  • Scoring is based on total weight of fish caught for the day, regardless of the number of fish.  All catch-and-release.  There is no minimum weight to be included in the day's weight, but there is a 12" minimum length (all Bass species are included). 
  • All fish will be weighed with scales handed out by Texas Bass Trail at each event.  Each team member must weigh each others' fish.  
  • We will use a fishing app that allows live feed.  More information on this forthcoming.

  • Elimination Rounds occur after each event.  

-Based on 50 Pro-Anglers and 50 Co-Anglers starting at event #1:

-After the 1st event, only the top 30 teams to go to round two. 
-After the 2nd event, the top 20 teams will move on to round three.
-After the 3rd event, the top 10 teams will move on to round four.
-Championship: Top 5 Teams.  All teams that fish the Championship are guaranteed payout! 

  • Payout Schedule- Based on 50 Pro-Anglers and 50 Co-Anglers:
     Pro-Angler:                                 Co-Angler:
     1st:  $8000                                  1st:  $6000
     2nd: $4000                                  2nd: $3000  
     3rd:  $2000                                  3rd:  $1000
     4th:  $1000                                  4th:  $700
     5th:  $750                                    5th:  $550