Texas Bass Trail

Fishing Tournament Series

Texas Bass Trail South Region

Contact Information:

Matt Hudson 

Tournament Director

(512) 653-6407

BIG NEWS: We are going South in 2018!

Texas Bass Trail is proud to say we will be having a South Region Trail next year with the same format as the Central Trail.  Lakes will include Lake Amistad & Choke Canyon.

Lakes and Dates:

Lake Amistad - August 25, 2018

Lake Choke Canyon - September 8, 2018

Lake Amistad - October 27, 2018

Lake Choke Canyon - November 24, 2018

Lake Amistad - December 29, 2018

Lake Amistad - 2- Day Championship


$5,000 guaranteed for First Place at every event and $10,000 guaranteed for First Place at the Championship!!